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Homeopathy for Children: Treatment of behavioural problems, learning difficulties and autism spectrum disorders.

If you’ve been wanting to use Homeopathy for your child, but haven’t known where to start this webinar series answer your questions to help you make sound decisions on how and when to use homeopathy for your child.

Presented by Fran Sheffield (MHlthSc. Ed, MAHA, AROH Reg), an experienced and recognised authority in the homeopathic treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

About the Course

This 3-week course contains six sessions covering vital information:BottleandDropper-Red

  • What homeopathy is, what it does, and how to use it
  • Twelve remedies will be discussed in detail. These are the remedies homeopaths most often use for children with behavioural problems and learning difficulties – and we’ll be learning how to recognise which one suits which child.
  • When to use a remedy yourself and when to see a qualified homeopath.
  • How to spot a “good” practitioner and how to tell when someone has poor skills or limited training
  • The six different responses your child may have to a homeopathic remedy and what each one means for their ongoing treatment
  • The changes you should see in your child – and how soon to expect them
  • Homeopathic strategies that avoid problems associated with antibiotics, temperature-lowering drugs, and vaccines
  • All about “obstacles to cure” – what they are and what to do about them.
  • When to combine other therapies with homeopathy and when to stop or wait.
  • The ins and outs of “detoxing” with homeopathy – what it is, how it’s done, and when it should be avoided
  • Different approaches that use potentised remedies (such as CEASE, isopathy, sequential therapy, bowel nosodes) – what they are, how they differ, their strengths and weakness, AND their safety profiles.

All of this and more is being covered in this six-part series to help you get the best result from homeopathy for your child.

The course runs over three weeks, with two videos each week (going live on Mondays and Thursdays.) They’re packed with parent-friendly information on homeopathy for behavioural problems, learning difficulties and problems associated with autism spectrum disorders.

And at the end of the series we also have a supplementary free webinar that answers a range of questions people have asked us about the material presented.


Registration re-opens soon. For notification of the next time the Homeopathy for Children webinars run, subscribe to the Homeopathy Plus newsletter at:


More About Fran Sheffield

Fran - Medium
Fran has been in practice as a homeopath for more than 20 years and has qualifications in Nursing, Midwifery, and Health Science Education. She lectures and practices in homeopathy and is a recognised authority on the homeopathic treatment of autism spectrum disorders. Fran is an invited and keynote speaker at national and international conferences on homeopathy and loves teaching how homeopathy transforms the health of individuals and families.